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“Marylebone is an excellent agency. I am a nursery nurse and have been with them for many years now. I would not choose any other agency to be with for work in nurseries and schools. The agency always gets you work and even tries their very best to get you work at quiet times of the year e.g School Holidays!  Everyone at Marylebone are always very friendly, polite and are always very happy to help and listen when you phone them.  Marylebone agency is 100% the best!!!” Sharon N

 “This is a fab agency and is ideal for anyone seeking employment in this field. Within 1 day of joining I was already assigned jobs and 3 weeks later the work consistently comes in. The staff team are fantastic. I wish I’d joined up sooner!”  Rebecca B

“The service is great and I am very satisfied with it. Especially the understanding, reliability and brilliant communication and support” Zohra

“Great service, great people! Always make time for you and find the right work for you.  Very flexible and understanding”  Victoria W 

“Marylebone Services is a truly outstanding agency.  I have had excellent placements with them. The consultants are always friendly, warm and professional. I would highly recommend this agency” Mary B

“I have been with a few different employment agencies in the past, but none of them were as helpful and friendly as Marylebone agency.  So, there is a reason why I do not even consider joining another agency as long as I stay in West London! I have also met a few girls who have been with Marylebone for almost 10 years!  A few nurseries also told me on the first day, “Oh, you are from Marylebone, that’s good, I hear they are good,” which makes me secure and confident as an agency staff. Finally, I would like to say thank you to all the Marylebone staff for being always so kind and patient with me. Everyone at Marylebone treats me as one individual and not as ‘just a number’; which is rare; and I really appreciate it. Also, a little thing like receiving a Christmas card makes a lot of different. Thank you very much for looking after me so well!!!” Aya

“I moved to London from Australia and wanted to get into childcare as this is the field I work in at home. There were so many agencies to choose from but Marylebone stood out from the rest stating that it paid great rates - always a bonus!  When I met Anna I knew I had made the right decision as she was a very kind and genuine person that was looking to put me into the best working environment to suit my needs. I definitely made the right choice as she was always contacting me when I went to a new nursery to see how I was going, which was always reassuring! I have been with Marylebone for my whole stay in London and it has been great! (-:” Bernadette.  

 “I have been working for Marylebone agency for quite sometime now. They are fantastic people to work with and have been always able to provide me with a job whenever I needed it” Cathy 

“Marylebone has never let me down in 5 years!  Why would you want a permanent job when you have all the work and flexibility you need in a good agency?  I recommend Marylebone to everyone!” Emma 

“A very reliable and friendly agency. They are very supportive and efficient and committed to the work that they do” Anne 

“I find Marylebone good at finding jobs, they listen to you and help if you have any problems” Prekshya 

“I am very happy with the agency so far! I personally think that it gives an outstanding service for both clients and candidates! I strongly recommend it to future candidates as it provides a helpful and friendly service as well as great pay rates!!” Paola

“I’ve been with Marylebone agency for almost two years, and found their service friendly and professional.  I’ve been lucky to have always had work. Nurseries which I have been put in were always friendly towards me as an agency worker, and were nurseries of good nature.  I’ve been based at the same nursery for almost a year and a half thanks to the good connection they have with Marylebone agency!  The hourly pay is quite satisfactory and the holiday pay is very good.” Theresa