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Tips & Advice

Find your way

Getting to and from a new assignment can be hard, especially if you are new to London.

We will help you by providing brief instructions/nearest tube etc so you can find the setting easily but we always suggest having a pocket A-Z handy – it’s a great way to help you find the nurseries/schools. If you can, plan your journey the night before and leave a little earlier so you can be on time. If you are lost, don’t panic! Call us and we’ll help you find it.

Be flexible

As a temporary worker you may find yourself in a variety of different settings. You are often needed last minute to cover a sick day/holiday so try and be as accommodating as possible on the day. Nurseries and Schools really appreciate proactive people and if they like you, they will often ask for you back. Also, remember it’s not permanent so if you’re not enjoying a place – no problem. Let us know and we’ll see what else we can find for you.

Use your initiative

We love good feedback on our temporary staff. It helps us find out more about how you work within a childcare environment and builds our confidence in your abilities as a supply worker. The most positive feedback we get is how you use your initiative by interacting with the children, assisting the permanent staff and being a nice, friendly individual – a smile always goes along way!

Dress comfortably but smartly

If you are working in a nursery environment you need to dress comfortably but do try to make an extra effort on your first day. A school environment sometimes requires a slightly smarter dress but we will give you advice on the dress code when you register. If in doubt, please ask.

Communicate regularly

To find you lots of work, we need to know when you are available, how long for, where you’ll be prepared to travel to and where you have enjoyed working.

Assignments can change at the last minute so you must be contactable. A mobile is essential. If you are looking for regular work, keep in regular contact. If you haven’t heard from us, call us!

Take a spare timesheet

We will provide you regularly with timesheets but always have a spare one in your bag. You can also download a faxable copy from this website.

Have fun!

Most importantly, being a temporary worker can be great fun and extremely rewarding. You will meet lots of new people and make new contacts within the education sector. Temping can help you find out which setting you like working in and it gives you the flexibility to work the hours/days you want. Many temporary roles can lead to permanent positions too so always let us know if you are looking for a permanent role.